Generals questions

Who made the T-REX® and the V13R®?

Campagna Motors® is the only manufacturer of T-REX® and V13R®. Our vehicles are known worldwide.

How long does the company exist?

 Campagna Motors® was founded in 1988 in Canada. In 1995, we marketed the T-REX® and then in 2011, we launched the V13R®.

 Over the years we have developed an expertise in design, engineering and assembly of three-wheeled vehicles.

Where are made Campagna vehicles?

The Campagna® vehicles (T-REX® and V13R®) are manufactured in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

Where can I buy a Campagna T-REX® or V13R®?

The Campagna T-REX® or V13R® are available from our authorized dealers or directly through the manufacturer. Contact us and one of our representatives will direct you to the authorized point of sale nearest you.

Online: complete this form

Email :

Phone : 1 (877) 641-2112, option 1

Authorized distributors or reseller

Campagna Motors is the genuine creator and builder of the T-REX and the V13R. We have authorized dealers in the USA, CANADA and in Japan.

Any person, entity and or corporation that is not on the list of authorized dealers (as displayed in our Where to buy section), that professes to be an agent, reseller or distributor of our products is falsely representing our products and potentially infringing copyrights laws.

Can I take a test drive of the Campagna T-REX® or V13R®?

All our dealers have demo units in stock. A complete qualification process is initiated before offering this service.

What type of license do I need to drive a Campagna T-REX® or V13R®? Do I need to wear a helmet?

Each state/province maintains different regulations. It is to the Department of Transportation of each state/province to decide the type of required licence and regulations surrounding the driving and registration of a three-wheeled vehicle. Consult your department of transportation to know the regulations of your state/province.

Are the products Campagna® automobiles or motorcycles?

They drive like a car with a motorcycle-like performance.


Can I choose the engine of my Campagna® vehicle?

The V13R® comes with only the 1250cc Harley-Davidson® engine.

Does the Campagna® vehicles have a manual or automatic transmission?

Campagna vehicles have a manual transmission like that of a motorcycle. Our vehicles are easy to drive, even for a person who is not familiar with a manual transmission.

What is the factory warranty?

The Campagna® vehicles are guaranteed 12 months / 20,000 km on the powertrain. The term of the guarantee, established as time elapses from the date of original purchase from an authorized dealer Campagna®, or distance traveled, according to the first of two eventualities.

Where do I go for parts?

At your local Campagna dealer or here

Are Campagna® vehicles street legal?

They are street-legal almost everywhere in North America and in Japan and some other parts of the world, some state or province have specific legislation for three wheel vehicles. Please verify with your department of transport for more information.

Europe: we do not currently have EU certification. We are working on it. 

Does the Campagna® vehicles meet Transport Canada safety standards?

Yes, our vehicles meet Transport Canada safety standards for the three-wheel vehicle.

Are the vehicles meet EPA & CARB standards?

 The Campagna vehicles meets the world highest standard in environmental protection.

Does Campagna vehicles have an alarm system?

All vehicles are equipped with an electronic immobilizer system but not an alarm system. It’s basically a security system that shuts down a few main electrical junctions within the vehicles

What is the maintenance needed?

The maintenance needed is very minimal. And they are made to be durable in every driving environment. But there is a maintenance schedule suggested. It’s yours to follow.

Where can I take my Campagna® vehicle for service or warranty work?

 Your Campagna authorized dealer can perform all the work needed on your vehicle. If you are on the road, far from home, any BMW motorcycle dealer can do routine maintenance and diagnostics on the engine and electronics via their BMW diagnostic system. We can support your local mechanics with service information and documents.

How do I know when I need to service my Campagna® vehicle?

See the owner manual of your vehicle:

  • T-REX® 2013-2016 (with BMW© engine)
  • T-REX® 1995-2013 (with Kawasaki © engine)
  • T-REX® 1995-1998 (with Suzuki© engine)
  • V13R® 20011-2016 (with Harley-Davidson© engine)

How to store my Campagna® vehicle for the winter?

All information relating to the storage of your vehicle are described in “Storage Instructions” section of your owner’s manual.

How the Campagna vehicle are shipped?

The vehicles are securely attached to a wooden crate and shipped by truck for Continental North America. We care that you get your vehicle in mint condition.


How many T-REX® models are available?

Campagna® manufactures 2 models of T-REX: the T-REX 16S® & T-REX 16SP®.  Campagna® also manufactures the V13R®.

What is the difference between a T-REX 16S® and a T-REX 16SP®?

 The P// is a performance edition of the T-REX®. Suspension, brakes, direction are all upgraded to enhance the performance. Esthetic is also changed with P// emblems on different parts to guarantee the authenticity of a P//.

What is the engine of the T-REX®?

Since 2013, the T-REX® is powered by a 1649cc engine BMW© in-line 6 cylinder in line with 160 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque.

What is the acceleration of the T-REX®?

With 160 HP and 129 lb-ft of torque, the weight-power ratio (P2W) T-REX 16S® is phenome-ultimately down. It is comparable and / or better than the best high-end sports cars. 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

What is the top speed of the T-REX®?

125 mph

Can I fit in the Campagna T-REX®?

 Maximum size that can fit: 6’4

There are two types of adjustments: 

  • The pedal assembly travels 6 inches in .5 inches increments;
  • Seat rest travel 3.5 inches with .5 inches increments;

 If your local law requires a helmet, consider the total height of the helmet for comfort especially if you have a full-face helmet.

Does the T-REX® have a reverse?

Yes, there is a mechanical reverse mechanism on all of our models. The reverse gear is activated electronically at the push of a button.

Can I order a T-REX® with doors and a windshield?

Campagna® doesn’t make a T-REX with doors or windshield. As a car manufacturer, we have strict standards in regards to safety. We do not offer any type of enclosure or kits to modify our vehicle that could render it non compliant and less safe.

Can I order a T-REX® with the Kawasaki© 1400cc engine?

Campagna no longer makes the T-REX 14R and T-REX 14RR models.

Is it possible to buy my T-REX® as a kit / build it yourself?

We only build complete, turn key vehicles. Our vehicles are hand made in our assembly plant, by professionals, with rigorous processes to guarantee quality and safety.


What is the engine of the V13R® ?

The V13R® has a genuine Harley-Davidson® 1250cc V-Rod motor.

What is the top speed of the V13R® ?

130 mph

Can I fit in the V13R ®?

Unless you are over 6’7″, you can fit!

Does the V13R® have a reverse?

Yes, there is a mechanical reverse mechanism on all of our models.

Can I order a V13R ® with a top?

The V13R doesn’t have a top. It’s an open air badass roadster.