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    February 01, 2012

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    "Feedback from owners of the Campagna T-Rex 14RR and the Campagna VR13, about insurance quotes from, have been very positive. We have placed their link on our website as a great additional service to our customers" says Michel Paquette, Sales and Marketing Manager for Campagna Motors.


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    About Campagna Motors - based in Quebec Canada, this manufacturer builds Unique and very limited edition vehicles since 1995. Campagna's offering are: Campagna T-REX 14R, T-REX 14RR and the Campagna V13R.


    About - based in Houston, TX, the motorcycle insurance marketing website for TWFG Insurance Services - Dan Herrera.


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    Our friends at came here in late September to try out the V13R. They simply had to try this Unique and Exclusive vehicle for themselves. 

    We think they simply liked it!

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    Autoblog Article on the T-REX


    Our friends at came here in late September to try out the V13R. They simply had to try this Unique and Exclusive vehicle for themselves. 

    We think they simply liked it!

    Read the entire article  here

    The V13R on Jay Leno's Garage


    Jay Leno invited David Neault, Vice-President at Campagna Motors, on his show 'Jay Leno's Garage'. If you missed the show, here's what he had to say:

    - This is more of a cruiser, you can actually drive it somewhere

    - It's so wide, you get much more of a sense of security

    - Who needs four wheels?

    - It's amazing they build this vehicle in Canada because it is perfect for California

    - I love this V-Rod motor

    - It's amazing how comfortable it is

    - As you can see, it's a lot of fun to ride!

    Campagna Motors Signs Strategic Agreement with Renowned German Engine Manufacturer

    BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(Feb. 12, 2013) - Campagna Motors is pleased to announce that they have signed a long-term strategic agreement with the BMW Group. This contract will allow the Quebec builder of the T-REX and V13R to benefit from BMW's research and development expertise as well as provide its customers with outstanding service inspired by the German company's legendary standards. The agreement also secures the Boucherville business with a steady supply of high-quality engines perfectly adapted to its needs. The contract firmly establishes Campagna Motors as the only Quebec success story in the world of exotic street legal limited-edition vehicles.

    The agreement with BMW follows Campagna's first successful collaboration with Harley Davidson™ as engine supplier for the V13R. The company can now rely on a range of engines from well-established manufacturers known for their performance, innovation and reliability. The new relationship with BMW strengthens Campagna Motors position as a manufacturer of world-class premium vehicles and confirms the leading research and development expertise of Quebec engineers in the field of unique limited edition performance oriented exotic vehicles.

    "This agreement presents Campagna with many opportunities in terms of awareness, electronic systems expertise, including security systems for our vehicles, and international market development," said Campagna Motors president André Morissette. "As a result of this contractual relationship, our customer can expect upcoming announcements that will attract even greater attention in the marketplace."

    With the new engines availability and the ever-increasing demand from American and Asian markets, Campagna Motors can foresee doubling production over the next few years, thus creating additional quality jobs in the region. "The export market is quite a challenge for any Quebec and Canadian manufacturers," Morissette said. "Fortunately our strategy to design and create high-end, original, one-of-a-kind street legal performance vehicles is allowing us to contemplate sustained growth and global market penetration in the near future."


    Launched in Quebec in 1995, the T-REX™ remains a great favorite due to its one-of-a-kind design and the high performance you would expect from an exotic street vehicle. Campagna's newest release, the V13R™, launched in 2011, is powered by a Harley-Davidson™ liquid-cooled engine. Thanks to its distinctive style and remarkable handling abilities, the V13R roadster is a "must have" for any driver looking to stand out in the crowd. Since the very beginning Campagna Motors has produced vehicles that have generated great interest among numerous celebrities worldwide and enthusiasm for its products continues to grow year after year.


    Campagna Motors is an innovative Canadian vehicle manufacturer based in the Greater Montreal Area. The company designs, hand-builds and distributes powerful, stylish, innovative and unique three-wheel vehicles. Campagna has been the worldwide leader in this market since 1988. For more information, please visit or find us on Facebook at


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