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The Ultimate 3 wheel car 

Starting at $65,999 MSRP




Lateral Acceleration

2018 PAINT

The T-REX is available in 8 paint colors to match your style.


Performance Red


Winter White


Deep Black


Attractive Grey


Pearl Mist


Competition Blue


Sly Yellow


Energy Orange


High Reving 6 Cylinder Engine

Powered by the in-line 6 cylinder engine from BMW, the T-REX 16S has all the power to make you experience an ultimate ride. It delivers a low rpm torque for smooth or brisk acceleration. This makes the T-REX 16S one of the most fun and exciting drive.

Lean and muscular

Lightweight composite materials, hi-tech alloys with lean design and engineering of every component contribute to create a unique combination of strength, lightness and efficiency. Shapes that withstand the test of time.

Hi-Tech Materials

True to our desire to shave weight and gain performance, the 2018 T-REX 16S P// includes many hi-tech and lightweight body panels in ultra-light and sturdy Carbon Fibre material.

The carbon parts are the Scoop, the front and rear fenders, the engine covers, the dash deflector and the headrests.

Responsive, precise, direct

Constant road feedback, chirurgical handling and a compliant suspension makes riding a T-REX like a pro as easy as 1, 2, 3. Electronic control of the engine torque at the touch of a button gives you control on the behavior of the vehicle in any situation.

No compromise

Ergonomics and comfort are prime design objectives. No compromise between day-to-day driving characteristics and performance. Unique leaned driving position combined with an adjustable suspension makes you one with your T-REX.

Exclusive P// Characteristics


What does P// stand for ?

P// stands for performance. The T-REX 16SP has performance enhancing characteristics and features throughout. This performance upgrade includes an upgraded suspension, a more direct steering system, a race braking system and special wheels. All these components transform the T-REX into a real racing machine.

The T-REX 16SP also bears distinctives emblems to show its true identity.


Wheels & Tires

Made of light aluminum alloy, the T-REX 16SP is equipped with special two-tone wheels. They are of Anthracite Matte Metallic paint with bare aluminum surface machined spokes.

These wheels are of a proprietary Campagna design with an 11 spoke race style.

Wheels dimensions:
16” in Front
18” in the Back

Fitted with BF Goodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 high performance tires, with a W speed rating, the T-REX 16SP can handle any surface; wet or dry.

  • ACCELERATE FASTER. Best dry traction vs. the competition on the track for 100% more fun on the street.
  • CORNER HARDER. More control for precise cornering with 30% better wet and 8% better dry grip.


The T-REX 16SP is equipped with performance braking power with its vented, slotted and cross-drilled disc-brakes on all wheels.

To maintain braking power under track condition, the T-REX 16SP has rigid and braided stainless steel brake lines.

As an added touch, 4-pistons red calipers complete this performance brake package.


The T-REX 16SP comes standard with Campagna’s Stage 5 fully adjustable suspension with external oil reservoir. This setup let’s you customize your suspension settings for all sorts of road/track conditions and different loads. You can maximize handling and chassis behavior under different conditions and according to your preferences.

Because of its chassis design, low center of gravity, suspension and weight distribution, the T-REX can take up to 1.3 G lateral acceleration in a curve.


The T-REX 16SP comes standard with a racing D-shaped SparcoTM suede steering wheel for consistant grip.

A shorter ratio rack and pinion offers instant reaction to steering input.


Complete control over all the features of the vehicle is provided through the digital instrument panel.

In-display menus for the 180 Watts four speakers Alpine sound system, ride selection, trip info and many other features.

Connect your device via Bluetooth, USB, line-in and the 12V plug.


For optimal performance on the road or on the track, the 6-speed gearbox is activated trough a fast shifting sequential pattern.

The chain driven final drive transmits the maximum of the power to the rear wheel with virtually no loss of power and an instant response to your right foot.

An electronically activated mechanical reverse gear, custom designed by Campagna, allows you to backup safely on the engine power.


The crash tested tubular steel frame acts as a solid roll-cage and a rigid frame to protect you and your passenger.

Standard with 3-point safety belts for on-road use, the T-REX 16S chassis has the mounting points and is ready to accept a 4-point race harness for your occasional track days.

Through its partnership with BMW, Campagna has implemented a function to electronically control the torque delivery of the engine. This gives you the ability to adjust the behavior of the T-REX according to your riding style and road conditions. At the press of a button, you can switch on-the-fly from Rain, Road and Dynamic mode.

Description of the different modes:
Rain: full engine power, torque delayed and controllable
Road: full engine power in combination with spontaneous throttles response
Dynamic: sporty driving on dry roads, full engine power and the engine response is immediate and throttles response more direct

P// Indoor Soft Cover

Made of smooth tension fabric material, it is compact, tight fit and ideal for indoor storage.

Standard in bright red fabric with a prominent white P//emblem, it comes with its traveling pouch.



The T-REX 16SP comes standard with black vinyl fabric with a non-slippery surface finish for added stability in a curve. The P// emblem is proudly embossed in the seat back.

Made with weather resistant and fire retardant material, the seats offer comfort and safety in any temperature.

Also available in bright-red material.

The hi-tech seat material has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to clean and scratch resistant
  • Ultraviolet stabilized pigment
  • Mildew and oil resistant
  • Fungal growth resistant
  • Meet the FMVSS 302 and California fire regulation (Bulletin 117, Sect. E) flammability requirements

Exhaust system

The T-REX mufflers produce an european exotic sport car sound. The 6-into-2 manifold configuration with integrated catalytic converters ensure the greenest T-REX yet.

Lightweight polished stainless steel mufflers are standard equipment.

The exhaust system meets USA & Canada environmental standards for noise and pollution (EPA & ARB of California).

Available as an option, the Akrapovic exhaust system is made of titanium and carbon fiber components.

Lighter and less restrictive than the standard exhaust, it enhances the performance, the looks and the sound of your T-REX.

This performance exhaust system is also completely street-legal.

Travel Package

The Travel Package includes options used to provide comfort and convenience for any road trip. It includes:

Color-matched cases

The rugged carrying case provide secure and sufficient storage capacity to carry your traveling gear. They lock in place on the T-REX and can be removed at the push of a button to carry around.

With a 92 liters (24G) total capacity, you can take the road for long trips.

Smoked Wind deflector

The wind deflector redirects the air flow around the occupants and provides a more comfortable ride, even in the rain.

Passenger footrest

Fully adjustable, it provides adequate feet support for passengers of all sizes.

Protection Package

The Protection Package includes the necessary options to maintain the look and finish of your vehicle, ride after ride, year after year. It includes:

Carbon Protection Kit

Made out of real carbon fiber material, domed with UV resistant clear resin, the Carbon Protection Kit helps protect the side panels against scratches and other mishaps.

Outdoor Soft Cover

The Outdoor Soft Cover is designed to fit perfectly the shape of your T-REX. It will protect it from the elements.

Made from hi-tech synthetic material, the Outdoor Soft Cover is rainproof.

Available in black with silver logo.

The Ultimate 3 wheel car 

Starting at $65,999 MSRP

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