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Welcome to Campagna Motors.

We are a team of passionate visionaries based in Montreal, Canada.

From the original concept in 1988 to the first production unit in 1995 we build one of the finest three-wheel side by side vehicles in the world.

Our clients come from all corners of the world, those clever enough to choose the most visceral experience in the category. Familiar roads yield unexpected thrills as, eloquent styling and good old-fashioned torque and power play out 4″ above the ground.

We strive to become the dominant leader with our two models, The CAMPAGNA T-REX, and the CAMPAGNA V13R.

They’re awaiting you.

If you dare.



Each vehicle is hand built and goes through an 18 workstations manufacturing process. Top of the line engineering and strict quality control procedures are applied in each vehicle build-up.


The exotic looks and ‘Unique concept’ of our vehicles are very easy to maintain and have extremely low cost of operation. The quality components that we use in our construction have a proven reliability and ease of maintenance. You can be assured that you will enjoy a mature vehicle.


Continuous research as always been the key to our leadership in the domain. We strive to achieve the best engineering possible for your vehicle.



The original design in 1988 had several objectives. Reduced weight (3 wheels vs. 4), very low center of gravity, some of the best power to weight ratio in the industry, incredible handling and high standard of comfort while driving.

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