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Ontarians Drivers About To See A New Type Of Vehicle On The Road This Spring

Ontarians Drivers About to See a New Type of Vehicle on the Road This Spring

Starting today, Ontarians can now register three-wheeled vehicles certified by Transport Canada and join a select group of drivers looking for an exceptional driving experience. Even though Campagna Motors vehicles have been meeting Canada’s safety requirements since 2006, it took several years to change the provincial legislation allowing them in Ontario. As part of this pilot project that will end in 2026, the Canadian manufacturer is proud to introduce its T-REX® and V13R® lines to all driving enthusiasts across Ontario.

Over the years, Campagna’s vehicles have become the reference in the industry thanks to its innovative approach, unparallelled styling, and its exciting, unmatched level of performance,” said André Morissette, president of Campagna Motors. “Since we sell our vehicles all over the world, it meant a lot for us to be present in Canada’s largest drivers’ market.”

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