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Campagna’s vehicle can be serviced through a variety of options, depending on your physical location and the locations of certain resources.

All Campagna Authorized dealer can perform the service on your vehicle.  They have the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose any problem and the parts to fix it.

If it not practical for you to go to your Campagna Authorized Dealer, you still have many options for service on your vehicle:

  • BMW motorcycle dealers across the world can connect to your T-REX and diagnose via their diagnostic software.
  • Any Harley-Davidson dealer can work on the V13R engine.
  • For maintenance or repair other than the engine, technical documentation is available to help anyone service their vehicle.
  • We can remotely support your local mechanics via a number of options.


In order to enjoy your Campagna vehicle for many years, proper and regular maintenance should be done. A maintenance chart is included with the owner manual of your Campagna vehicle.  We strongly suggest that you follow this chart to guarantee the longevity of your vehicle.


You can purchase Campagna genuine parts for your vehicle from any Campagna Authorized Dealer.  You should always use Campagna genuine parts as most of the parts we use in the assembly of the vehicle are customized for this vehicle.

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