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Campagna Motors USA is an expanding company looking for highly skilled, creative employees who have the desire to excel.

In order to apply for a position, please complete the form below and attach your resume.

We are hiring for the following positions:

  • Buyer: Purchasing Manager, must be bilingual and able to negotiate with suppliers from all over the world. Mastery of productivity tools such as Outlook, Excel and other. Knowledge of Acomba and Assemblik or Servicentre an asset.
  • Vehicle Assembler: The assembler or pre-loader works within a team that assembles the vehicles on the assembly line. Knowledge of basic mechanics an asset. Must be able to follow specific steps to ensure consistency and quality of manufacture.
  • Product Transformer / Pre-Assembly: Responsible for some of the assembly of vehicles and the processing of certain products to meet our requirements; the PT / Pre Assembler must have driving ability and be able to work with his hands with manual and automated tools.
  • Financial Controller: The Financial Controller is responsible for administration and general accounting. He deals with accounts payable, receivable and all that relates to the management of the office. Accounting concepts, functional bilingualism and notions of Acomba software are required.
  • Warehouseman: Handles the receipt of parts, the filing in the warehouse of production and assembly of production trolleys as well as the assembly and shipment of customer parts orders. Must be able to operate a computer, know Outlook and Exce. Knowledge of the Acomba system or Servicentre an asset.
  • Customer Service Representative: Responsible for day-to-day dealership management, must be bilingual, understand basic automotive and / or motorcycle mechanics. Position similar to a technical adviser in a car dealership. Must be familiar with tools such as Outlook, Excel. Knowing how to write well in French as in English is indispensable. An acquaintance of Acomba or Servicentre is an asset.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: The Mechanical Engineering Technician deals with various aspects of vehicle development and second level dealer support as needed. Bilingualism, knowledge of Solidworks PDM and MRP / ERP software are required.
  • Production Manager: Reporting to the General Manager, the Production Manager coordinates the work of the teams in the plant with purchasing and administration and sales in order to deliver the right products, the right parts on time to the dealers and clients.
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